My Little Star,
Being at your side for those last 6 months had brought us closer than I had ever imagined. I can still see you, smell you, and hear your gentle knicker "hello" everytime I walk into the barn. You have brought me much joy. I am truly blessed that I had the opportunity to have you in my life.
You keep me honest and true to my beliefs. If times get hard, I hold onto what I have left of you. I take your mane and hold it close. You are once again near, Once again, I am strong. Renewed.
I take comfort knowing that I did everything that I knew at the time. I regret that I could not do more.
You have taught me so much, and I dedicate this site, my career, and my life to you, and helping others. I hope I make you proud.
I rode you once in a dream not long after you passed.
I dream of the day that I will ride you once again.
I love you and miss you.
"Specks Star Deck" aka  Little Star - 4/5/84 - 4/21/05

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"Goodbye" - Mary Ann Kennedy
Thank You Mary Ann. Your music has brought me much comfort over the years
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