This is Cody. He was introduced to me by a client. The previous owner had him for about a year. They were unable to get Cody sound. I am not sure how sound he was prior to this owner. The previous farriers labeled him as navicular. He was not officially diagnosed by a veterinarian. 

Cody is a 7 year old red roan Quarter Horse (I believe). I really wanted to get Cody on my track and give him a good home. He started off very low in the herd, obviously, since he is young and new, but has quickly moved his way up in the ranks to Beta of the herd, booting Esther out of that position.

Above are his before and after trim photos. First with the shoes on, then without shoes before the trim along with his after trim photos. They are placed together by hoof. Below are some videos of him the day after his new trim when I first introduced him to the herd.

I trimmed Cody to what I felt was a good starting place, still leaving him plenty of hoof and sole. Knowing that his issue would most likely be his heels, I booted him with the Epic's and the Easy Care Comfort Pads. The next day he was doing so well and had no signs of any stress relating to his new home or his new trim, I touched up his trim a little more. I kept the boots on for a day and half and then removed them to see how he was doing. I was very pleased to see that he moved the same without the boots. He now enjoys 24/7 turn out on the track and moving the girls around. It is always the two "boys" who keep things stirred up out on the track and inspire the movement. What a wonderful addition Cody has been to the herd. I cannot tell you how much we enjoy him. He has a wonderful personality and loves people. My daughter rode him yesterday for the first time. I will be video taping him on a ride. So look for that update soon!
Black Jack
Below - Cody Feb. 2007